Data Centre New Zealand

One of the major concerns in a Data Centre is a redundant cooling system as this is a critical operational factor. The multiple compressor design of the Smardt-PowerPax air-cooled chiller maximises redundancy and allows for a 24h safe operation.

Another very important factor for the Data Centre's decision to use Smardt-PowerPax chillers was the substantial power reduction.

The General Manager explains: "Since we have installed the Smardt-PowerPax chillers, we could observe a decrease in the Data Centre’s PUE. The PUE is the ratio of total amount of energy used by a data centre facility to the energy delivered to the computers.

Smardt-PowerPax were able to customise our chiller for data centre usage with specific options like a connection for an UPS on the control system reducing the restart time and an absorbed power limit on the chillers in case of a power outage.

For further energy savings during wintertime, Smardt-PowerPax has installed a free cooling system on one of our chillers. At low ambient temperatures, we will be able to produce chilled water without using the compressor and looking at double-digit COP values."

* The name of the Data Centre cannot be displayed for security reasons


3 x AC086.3B